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“if I can do it”

My name is Natalie,

I wanted to start blogging to infect you all with my traveling bug.

You only have one life so make the most of it and do what makes you feel alive.
I want to try and help people who think it’s too expensive to travel, to see what this planet has to offer.
“If I can do it ”
Traveling has made me into a better person. You really don’t need lots and lots of cash to do it. I started travelling when I was 20 years old and I continue to travel now age 33.

North Palau 🇵🇼


“Papua Explorers” in West Papua
View from our pondok window in Raja Ampat


Barracuda dive location in Raja Ampat













I have been to some of the most exotic places on earth and with my own research by scrolling through books and the net, I have put together all my own trips, the cheapest way I know.
I want to build a community of happy, everyday, real travellers. Where we can share our discoveries, share tips, share pictures, videos, affordable and realistic accommodations.
With the words “if I can do it” immerse yourself into my blog…

Sunset in Malaysia 🇱🇷


Hi there! I’m a Hair Stylist and Clinic Co-ordinator by day, aspiring Travel Blogger by night, and this is my website.

I live in Cambridge City, have an inspiring fiance named Ray ☝🏼

I like turquoise colour oceans. (And gettin’ caught in the tropical rain.)



West Papua

I’m a young lady who loves exploring exotic locations. I love to help others  find love for travel.

I’m a beach lover who adores the underwater world no gear needed just one breath hold.

Freedive in the Maldives



“10 Reasons why you’ll want to visit the Philippines”

A South America vibe in Asia Forget about temples! Forget about tuk-tuks! The Philippines has its authentic, abundance of islands not yet fallen  victim to foreign investors. People are Roman Catholic and the local form of transport is a Jeepney. The Philippines is a former Spanish colony, just like a big part of South America. …

If I can do it – Winner of the Versatile Blogger Award!

Eeek!! I’m very excited and overwhelmed to be selected as the winner of the Versatile Blogger Award. How amazing!! A humongous thank you to Teej and Sav who run muchadventuremanytravel.com Ladies you have been so supportive to the travel blogging community. I love that about you. We all work so hard writing blogs, expressing our …


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